Parent Support

The role of a Parent Support Adviser (PSA) is to support you as parents so that you can provide the best care, guidance and encouragement for your children in school. Parenting is sometimes a difficult job and the issues and problems facing families can be hard to deal with. A PSA can help you find the right individuals or organisations to provide the support you need.

A PSA can offer :-

  • Friendly, non-judgemental advice and support
  • Confidentiality
  • Information on out of school activities, family and relationship issues, and debt and housing problems
  • Signposting to a range of services
  • Help with how to deal with your child’s behaviour
  • Parenting courses and family learning
  • A chance to talk through your issues and concerns

Redland Primary School’s PSA is Laura Brown and she is in school every Monday.  She can be contacted initially through the school office.