School Uniform

Our school uniform is as follows:

All clothing, bags etc should be marked with your child’s name.

Sweatshirts Red with school emblem*
Polo shirts  Red or white with school emblem*
Trousers Skirts     Grey
Sensible footwear Black shoes – no trainers/boots
Sun hats Children are encouraged to wear sun hats at playtimes in hot weather
Summer dresses Red and white check
Year 6 Sweatshirts When the children are in Year 6, they wear a navy blue sweatshirt with school emblem*
Jewellery Small watches are allowed.  For Health & Safety purposes children are only allowed to wear small stud type earrings – no hoops or large earrings.  Children are not allowed to wear bracelets or necklaces for Health & Safety reasons.  We cannot be responsible for the loss of any precious items.
Coats Children go out to play in all but the worst weather and therefore they will need a coat most days of the year.
School Bags

Children will need a book bag which can be purchased from the office. Children cannot bring large bags into school.

When children are in Year 6, they can bring a small rucksack to school, to help store their Learning Group books.

* School uniform with the school emblem can be purchased from Scholars in Chippenham: 3 The Causeway, Chippenham, SN15 3BT.  Tel: 01249 656600.

Second Hand (Pre-loved) Uniform

At the end of each term, the FORS (Friends of Redland School) run a pre-loved uniform sale in the school hall. Pre-loved uniform items can also be accessed throughout the school year. Please come a chat to us about any uniform needs – we are always happy to help.

Pre-loved uniform can also be obtained from Chippenham Uniform Exchange.  They run pop-up shops throughout the year or uniform can be requested directly.  Visit their website, find them on Facebook or email