We aim to give children a wide range of mathematical experiences through practical, written and mental tasks. Children are encouraged to apply knowledge in different contexts and to employ/develop investigative and problem solving skills. We follow the 2014 National Curriculum, using the White Rose scheme of work to form the basis of planning. The school have been involved in various projects with the local Mobius (previously Boolean) maths hub, which has taken the school on a journey into teaching maths using a ‘Mastery’ approach.

The mastery approach to teaching mathematics, involves:

  1. Breaking learning into coherent small steps
  2. Using a variety of representations (both concrete and pictorial) to support conceptual understanding. The long term goal being that children an do the maths without these representations.
  3. Encouraging mathematical thinking. Children are taught ideas to be understood deeply so that they can reason and discuss this understanding with others.
  4. Efficiently recalling facts and procedures. This fluency allows children to move between different contexts and representations of mathematics with ease.
  5. Varying the was a concept is presented and the questions posed to children. This avoids mechanical repetition and encourages thinking on the children’s part.

For more information about what is taught within individual year groups, please follow the links below:


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